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In case you were wondering...

Are dogs allowed?


At Rather Bee Glamping, we absolutely adore our furry friends. However, because our glamping services cater to a diverse range of guests, we must be considerate of potential pet allergies and the omnipresent fur glitter in small, enclosed spaces. Due to this, we do not allow furry family members in our Queen Bee Glamper.  

If you are staying  in one of our bee-utiful Glamping accomodation tents, your furry family member is welcome with prior permission via reservations.  

Cleaning faqs

Are there any cleaning fees or additional charges?

When it comes to damages and cleaning fees at Rather Bee Glamping, we want to ensure a top-notch experience for all our guests. While we offer all-inclusive packages and tempting add-ons for your convenience, it's important to note that if cleaning becomes necessary beyond the ordinary, such as due to broken glass, remnants of a lively party, or biohazards, a minimum fee of $500 will be applied.

We understand that normal wear and tear are part for the course, but damages arising from mishaps or carelessness will be assessed based on the replacement cost and the time required for repairs. Our goal is to maintain the beauty and functionality of our spaces while delivering a safe and enjoyable glamping experience for everyone.  

Age Requirements ?

Here at Rather Bee Glamping, we ask that all rentals be in the name of someone over the age of 21. In addition, we ask that all families within the Queen Bee Glamper have Children 10 years of age and older to accompany them! Our tents, we welcome all family members! Including our Furry Dog ones. 

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